Common Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries

An eye injury likely requires medical treatment. It is a matter of whether it will require surgery that is often the question. Contact our optometrist at Vision Source DC to avoid damage that may result in vision loss or worse.


Eye Injury — When and Why to Contact an Optometrist

From surface scratches to foreign objects in the eye, getting medical attention is the best plan. It might only require monitoring, but it is vital to know the severity.

Optometry is more than eye exams. And, their advice to wear safety glasses and goggles are not enough to avoid eye injuries. But, they do strive for healthy eyes, whether routine or emergency.

Corneal Abrasion — Scratched Eye

Getting poked in the eye, rubbing eyes, and even dust and sand causes eye abrasions. It causes eye redness and sensitivity to light while being uncomfortable. Do not scratch the eye if a scratch is suspect. Do not use a patch, either. Bacterium loves warm, dark places

In the case of an eye scratch, contacting an optometry clinic is necessary. Eye infections or fungus are a direct result of ignoring a corneal abrasion. It is best to make an emergency visit within 25 hours of the injury. The result of neglecting a scratch is the possibility of partial or full blindness.

Foreign Objects

Metal, wood, and really, most anything, can penetrate the eye. It is an urgent injury that requires emergency medical attention.

Metal quickly develops a rust ring and will scar the eye. A doctor is the only person that should remove the foreign object.

Chemical Burn

It is scary when substances get sprayed or splashed in the eye. Substances that sting or burn is not necessarily dangerous. But, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Exposure to some chemicals burns the eye. The transference of dangerous substances happens when rubbing the eyes, too.

Dangerous components that damage the eye are:

Alkali does not always cause instant eye pain. However, the damage is immediate. Fluids like toiler bowl cleaner, oven cleaner, and chalk dust require medical flushing to avoid lasting eye injury.

Acid causes redness and burning, but it also can be washed out of the eye relatively easily.

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